Butterflies Are Spiritual Messengers. Here ‘s What They Mean For You

Butterflies Are Spiritual Messengers. Here ‘s What They Mean For You

March 20, 2019 Off By admin

Have you ever noticed the ephemeral beauty of a passing butterfly? Butterflies have a magic quality.  They appear so ethereal and fragile, much like fairies dancing on air. These beautiful creatures are not only pretty and pollinate the flowers. They can serve as wonderful spiritual messengers – both literally and figuratively.



When you think about the butterfly and its life cycle, it contains a great deal of spiritual meaning. Starting out as an egg, it hatches into a caterpillar. Then it enters the next stage where it becomes a cocoon or pupa. Finally the magnificent butterfly emerges in all its winged glory.

In many ways, the butterfly serves as a metaphor for the spiritual journey of the soul. His metamorphosis represents our own spiritual transformation. We start out as a simple being and learn to function in the world, much like the caterpillar. We crawl along through life in our day-to-day activities but search for deeper meaning.


Eventually, we go on that inner journey to get in touch with our inner selves, much like wrapping ourselves in a cocoon. We meditate, pray, read and study spiritual truths. We focus our attention inside. At some point, we are ready to share our true essence with the world. Like the butterfly, we spread our wings and fly.


Butterflies have relatively short life spans, most live for only a week or two. Some species like the Monarch can live up to six months. Even so, that is not much time in the scheme of things. This too serves as a reminder for us.  Although we live much longer than the butterfly, life is fleeting and time flies. Sometimes we do not know it and suddenly the years have passed.Butterflies teach us to enjoy the present moment and make the most of our existence here on earth. They also remind us that death is just another transformation—we will just spread our wings and fly in another dimension.


Power animals are highly revered in many shamanic cultures, especially among Native Americans. Each power animal has specific qualities and strengths that can teach us. Butterflies represent joy, freedom, creativity, and change. Their transformative powers also symbolize shapeshifting and soul evolution.

If you see a butterfly in your dreams or in reality, this can be considered a message of strength. Stop for a moment and see what happens in your life. Is it time to make some changes? Or maybe you’re already undergoing a life transformation. If so, this power animal will give you the strength to move on. This creature also reminds you to enjoy freedom and creativity and not to take life too seriously. Likewise, groups butterflies indicate the same messages, only more urgent and prominent.




In addition to power animal messages, butterflies convey other spiritual tidings. Angels often communicate with us through butterflies. When a butterfly appears in your midst, it could be your guardian angel or spirit guide sending you a signal. It is difficult to ignore a butterfly’s presence, so consider it an important communiqué.

Depraved parents can also talk to us through butterflies. Many people report seeing butterflies shortly after the death of a loved one. Some see the butterfly as a symbol of resurrection, while others consider it to be the essence of the deceased’s soul. In fact there is an old Irish saying, “Butterflies are souls of the dead waiting to pass through purgatory.” Either way, butterflies do serve as important spiritual messengers. It is often up to the interpreter to decide the true meaning.

So the next time a butterfly crosses you path, take heed from this spiritual messenger. You are obviously meant to receive a message of great importance!

Source: mysticalraven.com